I like to have fun. 

A good wedding to me is one I end up sweating, trying to keep up with the pace of the hardcore party animals, and the pace of myself breaking it down with them.  That’s right. 

My photographs reflect the way I look at things that happen during your wedding day.  Good things, bad things, the excitement and the stress.  The immense range of emotions during a wedding day is something no one can prepare you for, but I can show you after the party is over and everyone goes home.

If you like my work please drop me a line.  I would absolutely love to meet you!





"When my (now) wife and I first chatted about photographers for our wedding I was thinking it might not be so high on the priority list with all the high tech cameras out there these days and all our hipster friends with photographic tendencies... Was I ever wrong!  Shlomi has helped me understand what defines really talented photography and given me a new appreciation for the profession.  It's not the posed shots and lighting, equipment etc (not that i know anything about that), but what struck me is his ability to capture emotion, expression, and recognize when people are in a particular moment . To have an eye for that, read the scene, the people (the important ones especially), and frame it in a way that brings a grown man to well up with tears long after the day is over is something I never considered a possibility.  Aside from his ability to freeze the most amazing emotions of all kinds, Shlomi is simply a pleasure to work with.  He blends himself into the scene and gets people who would normally shy away from the camera to let down their guard without a second thought.  Absolutely highly recommended. The "cheese factor" on the end result is non-existent and the impression left behind with all who have the pleasure of viewing his photos is long lasting.  My sentiments are shared by many... Some damn good work!" - Jordan & Dave

"We had our wedding on December 11th 2014 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Working with Shlomi was a great experience. From the initial contact we had with Shlomi, we knew we have nothing to worry about. Before the wedding he was always available to speak and answered any question or concern we had. Communication with him was super easy. On our wedding day, Shlomi was extremely helpful and punctual and we were able to photograph everything we have planned thanks to his professionalism. We just got our pictures from Shlomi and were amazed by the great job he had done with them. He caught unforgettable moments and gave us a great memory that we will always carry. The quality and the angles Shlomi uses when he photographs are amazing and show how experienced Shlomi is in creating great memories. On a personal level, Shlomi is a great guy. Fun, easy going, trustful and just a great personality to work with. He also offers promotions for destination weddings (which we had) which makes working with Shlomi even better. We would highly recommend Shlomi to all of our friends and family who are planning a wedding. Thank you Shlomi for capturing such great memories for us."  - Zarina & Yonatan

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