On February 22nd, 2015 I joined the club; the marriage club that is. While the wedding itself was the best party of my life, it was merely a one-day celebration of something much bigger - marriage. Experiencing the wedding day in the shoes of the groom, I got a new perspective on my profession as a wedding photographer. 

Before the wedding everybody kept asking me “So who is shooting your wedding?!”. Since my couple selfies became such a signature thing I’d always joke around and say that I will be shooting it. I did my research and actively looked for a photographer (every day) for almost two months until I found one. I chose him because I knew I wouldn’t have to worry anything wedding photography related. He had the balance I was looking for in a photographer. His portraits are stunning, his post-production is unique, consistent and spot on, and most importantly he just knows how to capture moments. Real moments.  In addition, he brought the calmest, positive energy to the wedding, which helped us relax and enjoy every single second of the day. He was just a delight to be around throughout the wedding day.

Only after being on the other side I was able to really understand the value of hiring a personable wedding photographer. Sure you can go to school and learn everything you need to know about photography. However, it is a lot harder to learn how to be friendly, caring and responsible. I truly believe that my some of my biggest strengths lie in the care and attention I give the couples that I work with. While continuously trying to be as creative as I can, these characteristics have always been the foundation of my business.  

Right before I leave every wedding, I snap a quick shot of the couple & myself. A memory of the fun times we’ve had together! This “Selfie” tradition started back in 2012 and became something that now happens at every wedding. I am truly grateful for all this lovely people I can now call my friends.

 I've attached some kind words they shared with me after the wedding day - take a look!

"Shlomi has helped me understand what defines really talented photography and given me a new appreciation for the profession. It's not the posed shots and lighting, equipment etc (not that I know anything about that), but what struck me is his ability to capture emotion, expression, and recognize when people are in a particular moment. To have an eye for that, read the scene, the people (the important ones especially), and frame it in a way that brings a grown man to well up with tears long after the day is over is something I never considered a possibility" - Jordan & Dave





"It seemed like he was everywhere at once, but competely unintrusive - I don't know how he did it!  Both my husband and I have recommended Shlomi to multiple friends. Of all the vendors we worked with, he was our favourite" - James & Gillian




"The pictures are amazing, the service was professional and kind, and Shlomi was always responsive to all of our requests.  Did I mention we flew him over all the way from Toronto to New York City?! Absolutely worth it! - Erin & Ilana




"Shlomi is the best photographer in the city. He is the King of the Candid shot. He captures those special moments that happen in the blink of an eye" - Pedro & Elisa

"On the day of our wedding, Shlomi was fantastic. He was professional, creative and most importantly, put our family and friends at ease so our pictures were natural" - Bentley & Denise



"Not even sure where to start with this, but thank you so, so much for everything on Saturday!! For Mike and me it was a totally perfect day and we're so happy you were a part of it. From your flexibility in working with our timing and plans, to your patience with all the other "photographers" there, to your amazing attitude and fun approach to everything, we couldn't have asked for a better person to have with us on our wedding day" - Mike & Laura




"We just wanted to say that we ABSOLUTELY love the photos you took.  You did an outstanding job documenting the day and the pictures turned out even better than we expected!!" - Nisreen & Sammy




"It was amazing having you document the day and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics, and I ADORE following you on Facebook and seeing what you're up to :)" - Billy & Joelle


"We wanted you to know that we count ourselves very lucky to have found you. We wish you all the best in your career, I expect to see great things from you" - Lyndsay & Alison



"On our wedding day, Shlomi was extremely helpful and punctual and we were able to photograph everything we have planned thanks to his professionalism. We just got our pictures from Shlomi and were amazed by the grate job he had done with them. He caught unforgettable moments and gave us a great memory that we will always carry.  On a personal level, Shlomi is a great guy. Fun, easy going, trustful and just a great personality to work with" - Yonatan & Zarina



"So I finally had the time to sit down and go over all my beautiful wedding pictures thanks to Shlomi!!! I sat and cried all over again. I don't think anyone else could capture such impeccable,brilliant, raw moments. I couldn't be more pleased and very honoured to have such an amazing talented human being help create our memories" - Candice & Cal




"The photos are absolutely stunning. Candy and I are blown away by how beautiful they are. Thank you so much for capturing our special day"

- Jessie & Candy

"A wedding is one of the most momentous occasions in a couple's life. Afterwards it's a true challenge for the bride and groom to piece together the events of the whirlwind of a day. This is a fact that Shlomi not only understands but applies to the standard for the work he does.  Thank you Shlomi, for giving Jenn and I the ability to continually relive one of the best days of our lives, for the rest of our lives" - Jenn & Matt


"Shlomi, you weren't kidding - these pictures were well worth the wait!! We can't thank you enough for your amazing work in photographing our Wedding day.  You've captured so many emotions - some of which weren't apparent to us on the big day - but come through loud and clear in the photos.  I can't stop looking through these pictures because they allow me to relive the best day ever! Some make me laugh and some make me cry and I love it! You even caught things that Michael and I didn't recall or didn't see, and that's so special.  We felt so at ease with you and what you've delivered has made our families and us so happy that we chose you to be there on the most important day of our lives so far.  These photographs will be viewed and cherished for many, many years" - Tara & Mike





"Shlomi, the photos are absolutely stunning!! You and Jocelyn captured our day perfectly. We cannot wait to share them with everyone!" - Joanna & Jordan



"Thank you SO much for all your hard work on our album!!! They exceed our expectations (well, we spotted your talent from the beginning on your website but still, we didn’t expect them to come out so nice particularly with the rainy day we were having). Dave and I absolutely loved your angles, the colors, the artful choices you made, all the special moments you captured, the black & whites, and so on. There are so many good pictures to choose from!!!  We’re very happy with the pictures Shlomi. Excellent work! We won’t hesitate to refer you to anyone that needs a talented photographer" - Christine & Dave

"Shlomi, You're the bomb.com! 

We spent the early hours of this morning sipping coffee together and reliving the fun we had on New Year's. Thank you for not only the beautiful work that you do, but for being such a cool freaking dude. Hanging out with you leading up to the wedding and having you join us on the "big day" was nothing short of outstanding. We both love being around you and agree that you add a calm, fun and natural vibe to big events. THANK YOU." - Kim & PJ




"The pictures are amazing!!!! They capture our day perfectly. We love them! Thank you so much for all of your hard work" - Kaitlan & Liz



THANK YOU for being a part of the happiest day of our lives! Words cannot describe how amazing the day was, and you both had a hand in making that come true.  While our wedding is over, we certainly don't want to lose touch with such cool people. This is not goodbye, and we hope we can grab a drink and reminisce in the near future!" - Jill & Eric




"I honestly couldn't have imagined anyone else having the photographer roll on our big day. Not only did we have a blast with friends and family, we also had a blast spending time with our new friends, You and Shelbie!" - Ashley & Chad



"Awesome photos. You captured every moment beautifully. I will cherish these forever. Thank you for delivering on time, we've been dying to see these!
I really love the black and white ones you posted on your blog too!"

- Jackie & Adrian