Right off the bat you should know that my dad did not give me my first camera when I was 9. I also wasn’t shooting for the school paper as a teenager. Heck the first time I even had the nerves to call myself a photographer was at 26 years old.  As bizarre as it may sound, I fell in love with the sound of the camera, and not with the photographs it produced. Serving in the combat canine unit in the army, my commander gave me his SLR film camera to snap some photos of the dogs during training one day. The sound of that very camera’s shutter triggered a passion that is now lifestyle for me. I’ve been teaching myself everything I know about the craft since then.   

A few years ago I made a decision to go into full time wedding photography. I just couldn’t think of a more challenging environment that will provide me with the human interaction I seek. Wedding photography gives me an insight to other people’s lives and that is what makes it so fascinating to me.  

So why should you choose me to be your wedding photographer? Out of so many talented options out there. Why me?  This is a tough question with an answer of many layers, and in fact has everything and nothing to do with how I take photographs.

It is important to me that my couples become my friends and because of that, I invest everything I have in the people I photograph and the connection that we build together. Since a very early age I have always enjoyed the act of giving.  After six years of shooting weddings, I do not know what I would ever do to make a living, if not give people the gift of memories.  

If looking through my wedding adventures makes you laugh, cry, or anything in between – I may just be your guy.  Let’s connect.


JOCELYN reynolds

I'm a mellow, goofy, and creative documentary photographer with an unquenchable desire to travel. I'm drawn to small moments that often go unnoticed, and delight in capturing those moments in an organic, unobtrusive, and sentimental way. To me, a strong photo extends that small moment. I'm a total sucker for nostalgia, and I'm always, always down for a dance party.

Who said photographers' marketing should all be done by photos?!  Look at this fun jingle I got done by the lovely Jinglebelles!