Bombay Palace Wedding - Sabrina & Sahir

Sabrina and Sahir’s Bombay Palace wedding was a true celebration of love, culture, and colour!  As a Toronto wedding photographer I count myself very lucky to shoot weddings of all different cultures.  It’s always so refreshing and fun!  While some wedding photographers are more specific to certain demographics, I am happy to say that I literally shoot everyone.  For me a wedding is a wedding and people are just people.  We all breathe, eat, sleep, play, laugh, and cry.  And we all love.

After shooting the Henna celebration two nights before, I arrived at Sabrina’s house bright and early to shoot her getting ready.  After the Henna party I was so stoked to see everyone again and document Sabrina and Sahir’s wedding day!  The wedding day was just as elaborate and vibrant as the henna party, and it seemed like everywhere I looked there was something to photograph.  As a wedding photojournalist there is actually nothing more I can ask for. 

After a beautiful ceremonial reveal we headed out for some wedding party photos and a few couple portraits.  We arrived at the masque and got ready for the ceremony.  Sabrina and Sahir’s ceremony was such a new and wonderful experience to me, words cannot describe. 

We then made our way to Bombay Palace for a grand celebration that included all the colours you can think of, slick entrances, dance routines, and another small ceremony in which the winner was thought to be the loser for some reason but we won’t get in to that ;)

Throughout my relationship with Sabrina and Sahir they were always such fun to work with and be around.  We shared a lot of laughs together, and I am so glad I got to meet them and document their biggest day.

Fun (and fast) Fact:  For the whole day Sabrina, Sahir and myself moved around from spot to spot in Sahir uncle's Bentley!  It was so epic! 

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