Lampligher Inn Wedding - Melissa & Nick

Melissa & Nick’s Lampligher Inn wedding was just as fun as I expected it to be, and definitely had just as much heart as muscles in it!  Don’t know what I mean?  Well, these two are professional bodybuilders and the whole wedding was basically one big “Gun Show” as the legendary Ron Burgundy would say.  From top to bottom this was such a wonderful day, full of love, emotions, and loads of fun!

I arrived at the Lampligher Inn and started documenting the day with Melissa getting ready in her hotel room, while my second shooter, Shai Mendelsohn, was with the boys at home.  It was a very emotional morning for Melissa.  Well, emotional until her father-daughter (hilarious) reveal.  Melissa’s dad basically showed up for that in his socks as you can see in the photos!  Nothing like good healthy humor on such a busy day.

The bride-groom reveal actually happened right on the aisle (like many other couples this year).  Melissa and Nick chose to go traditional with that and that’s great!  After a fairly short, but nonetheless wonderful ceremony we took a drive to the University of Western Ontario to get some wedding party and couple portraits.  As you can tell, we had quite the time working with these guys.  Their wedding party was such a riot and too much fun to photograph.  Exploring the indoor and outdoor areas of campus we got some sweet memories captured on our cameras. 

We headed back to the Lampligher Inn for the reception, which was hands down one of the best receptions of the year.  Instead of the usual clunking of the glass, Melissa and Nick asked that whoever wanted them to kiss had to come up to the head table and flex.  Imagine that!  It was so hilarious and creative.  I love it! 

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