Studio Couple Shoot - Alexandra & Dan

Yesterday I had my dear friends Alexandra and Dan at my studio for this fun couple shoot!  These guys are legit cool people.  In fact, we even play in the same band!  Since the weather is not great to say the least, we hung out at the studio and goofed around - Always guaranteed fun.

I’ve been friends with Dan for many years now and I was so happy when he told me about Alexandra.  In fact, the reason we had this shoot is because these two love birds just got engaged recently!  I could resist the urge and offered them a couple shoot as my engagement gift.  And this is what we ended up with :)

I count myself very lucky to be friends with these guys, and play in the same band with them as well.  It doesn’t get better than that!  They call us Danger Dean & The Laser Beams!  It is a 5 piece band including Dan (drums,guitar, vocals), Alexandra (vocals, flute), Rena (vocals), Daniel (bass), and myself (guitar).  Here’s a song you may catch us play in small bar shows in downtown Toronto.  It’s called ‘Undertow’:

it was dark 

there was a storm 

and the waves came crashing 

thirty feet high up on the shores 

and all that I could do was smile 

cause I knew that the ocean could 

wash away any damage that I could do 

to you. 

babe swim away, 

swim away from this mess that I've made. 

let the waves take you away, 

i'll be undertow 

it was warm 

there was a sun 

and its rays came crashing 

down on my face, 

and everyone was smiling, 

and we were laughing and the credits started to roll 

cause this movie was done happening. 

babe, swim away 

swim away from this mess that I've made 

let the waves take you to safety 

i'll be undertow